Treasurer unveils website for public to see when state is spending over budget

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A new page highlighting Ledger 5, the name given to an accounting tool primarily used for unbudgeted spending by the Commonwealth, has a new place in the State Treasury website.

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The expenses that the general ledger records are those made “in a fiscal year that are legally mandated or necessary to maintain public health, safety or welfare.” Depending on the page, they are subject to a number of safeguards to ensure that they are legal and correct.

Before General Ledger 5 can be used, the governor’s budget office must provide the treasury office with documents explaining and justifying the expenses.

“Very few people know about Ledger 5 – let alone understand how it’s used,” said state treasurer Stacy Garrity. “It sounds mysterious, and my goal is to get rid of the mystery by shining the spotlight on Ledger 5 so people can see what’s really going on.”

To see the new page of the site, click here.

“This new web page explains the process and will highlight any expenses recorded in General Ledger 5, as I believe transparency is key to building public trust,” Garrity said.

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