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COVID Base AU Logo – Image used with permission from @COVIDBaseAU

For those who need a COVID-19 wellness story, Oz’s should do the trick.

The three people behind CovidBaseAU, one of Australia’s top-performing pandemic data websites and Twitter account, have come forward. Guardian Australia explained the pass:

It turns out that one of the most licensed Covid-19 tracking sites in Australia is run by three teenagers.

The team, which ran CovidbaseAU, became part of their own stats after receiving their first doses of the Moderna vaccine in Melbourne.

CovidBaseAU presents daily data on the pandemic in Australia, including the number of local cases, tests, hospitalizations, deaths and vaccinations. It has national and state figures.

Jack and Darcy are 15 and Wesley is 14. Their pinned tweet to celebrate getting their first vaccine got the game going:

There were over 1,400 responses to the tweet in the first few hours. This exchange highlighted the three go-getters:

There were big congratulations, like this tweet from Professor of Public Health Bill Bowtell:

The trio were interviewed by Casey Briggs, a “gremlin numbers” colleague, on ABC TV News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Briggs has been ABC’s regular TV data guru during the pandemic. His graphic presentations have earned him great loyalty Following on social networks.

The ABC joked that the trio were ‘unmasking’ each other, which they literally did in the video:

They explained that their home schooling classes during the lockdowns in Melbourne helped them with this project.

Data geek Ben Krauth celebrated the complexity of their work:

There was plenty of humor:

They have one Patreon Account if you want to become a patron.

Jack, Darcy and Wesley were overwhelmed by the response from fellow Melburnians and supporters around the world:

There has been media coverage in several languages and from afar like Ireland.

Either way, we’ll leave the last word to them:


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