Sci-Fi Sandbox MMORPG Dual Universe Launching Next Month

French game developer Novaquark has announced that ambitious subscription-based sci-fi MMORPG Dual Universe will be released on September 27 on PC via Steam.

Nouredine Abboud, CEO of Novaquark, said in a statement:

Since the launch of the Dual Universe beta two years ago, our dedicated community of explorers, raiders, miners and Novean pioneers have created incredible stories in towering cities, underground bases and orbiting space stations. . We are extremely grateful to everyone who has embarked on this journey with us thus far and we are thrilled to open this new chapter of the game’s incredible journey thus far.

Cyrille Fontaine, Creative Director at Novaquark, adds:

The upcoming Dual Universe launch offers players the opportunity to relive the excitement of once again discovering the massive planets of Helios alongside new and familiar faces. With the many additions and improvements we added during the beta, we know the game has a solid foundation to deliver an experience like no other that we can continue to build on.

Dual Universe was unveiled six years ago as the first unlimited MMORPG. After a few months, I interviewed Novaquark founder Jean-Christophe Baillie (who has since left the company) about the Dual Universe feature set (which entered beta two years ago) . Check out a detailed overview below.


Dual Universe is the ultimate sandbox: a single-server universe shared by potentially millions of players. The game’s innovative “Continuous Single Shard” technology allows millions of players to play in the same virtual world at the same time, with no loading between areas. time dilation or server instantiation. The dream of a persistent universe shared by millions of players is finally upon us!


  • Fully editable, voxel-based universe where matter can be harvested and manipulated to create and customize almost anything.
  • Sculpt matter to build outposts, cities, bunkers, castles, spacecraft, space stations, and more, from the smallest to the gigantic.
  • Add functional elements such as doors, force fields, buttons, containers, screens, and more, then customize them at will with Lua scripting.
  • Manage who has access to your builds with extensive rights management


  • Gather resources and mine rare ores, refine raw materials and mass produce goods – you have full control throughout the refining process
  • Commit to free trade and fully player-driven markets
  • Got a great ship design? Mass-produce it and get rich with your creativity!


  • Voxel-based real-time destruction, including on-the-fly repairs during the heat of battle
  • Battleship crews with dedicated roles – equip your player-designed warship with weapons and equip them with your squad
  • Fight between ships, space stations and outposts, with battles ranging from simple skirmishes to massive conflicts
  • Engage in turf war to conquer large territories or stay in safe areas


  • Structures and player organizations at the heart of social gameplay in Dual Universe
  • Create your squad with open and flexible structures: corporations, nations, pirate bands, etc.
  • Build your organization to own buildings, goods, etc.


  • Explore multiple major planets with a diverse set of biomes
  • Discover various planets, asteroids and moons
  • Uncover lore, secrets, and puzzles as you explore the far reaches of the galaxy in Dual Universe
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