Release date, time, server downtime and patch notes

It’s safe to say that Fortnite servers haven’t covered themselves in glory so far in Chapter 3. Again, after Fortnite update 19.20, there were two instances where servers were offline to deal with various issues.

As we eagerly await Fortnite’s 19.30 update, there are a few different stories we’ll be keeping an eye out for in a slowly ending Season 1. Here’s everything you need to know.

Fortnite Update 19.30 Release Time

We know that Fortnite update 19.30 is in development, but the release date is currently unconfirmed. Our best guess would be that it should launch on Tuesday, February 15. The remaining Chapter 3 updates should continue to run on a fortnightly schedule until the start of Season 2.

As for the exact release time, that shouldn’t change from the typical schedule in place. Matchmaking should be disabled around 08:30 GMT / 03:30:EST / 00:30 PST. Severs will go into blackout at 09:00 GMT / 04:00 EST / 01:00 PST.

What to expect in Fortnite update 19.30

The big thing we’ll be keeping an eye out for is the possibility of more Star Wars content being added or updated. This is important because rumors are starting to swirl that we’ll be getting a full Star Wars-themed season very soon.

Beyond that, we also expect to hear a lot more about the possible Uncharted collaboration. It has been discovered that the reveal quest will go live soon, but Fortnite update 19.30 may reveal more about the reward and any additional content coming to the game.

Finally, we think we should start learning a bit more about any end-of-season events that might be planned as we head into Season 2. Not all seasons have this type of event, but we can use one here to ensure players stay engaged and excited as the Chapter progresses.

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