OWC Jellyfish Manager 2.0 offers deeper analytics and cloud backup integrations for server administration

OWC announces Jellyfish Manager 2.0. The Jellyfish Manager is the modern interface between the user and the Jellyfish by OWC. It gives post-production teams the tools they need to be self-sufficient and allows IT teams to stay focused on their day-to-day tasks. Styled to match the modern software tools creatives use on a daily basis, Jellyfish Manager is the easy-to-use tool for server administration.

Jellyfish Manager 2.0 works directly with Jellyfish servers, a specialized shared storage device that allows multiple post-production video editors to work simultaneously with 4K, 6K, and 8K footage. Video teams at some of the world’s largest companies, YouTube creators, post-production houses, and creative agencies love Jellyfish servers for their ease of use and video workflow support.

Since then, the OWC Jellyfish team has added many new features that required a new organization-focused layout and streamlined user interface. The updated design includes easily accessible menus and deep links throughout the app. System alerts are now readily available from all pages of the app, along with additional tooltips at all levels and intuitive terminology to speed up the learning process.

Embrace the cloud

Jellyfish Manager 2.0 now includes the most requested cloud backup services that allow you to run scheduled backups and, if necessary, recover your data from the cloud. Jellyfish Manager 2.0 also improves integration with Backblaze and includes AWS and Wasabi cloud services and will include more in the future.

Improved workflow integrations

Frame.io synchronization between Jellyfish folders and Frame.io projects is now possible without going through watch folders on your workstation. Combined with the transcoding functionality of Jellyfish Media Engine, this integration helps teams collaborate through Frame.io while storing their original footage on the Jellyfish. Postlab is a platform that enables teams to collaborate more effectively in Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s cloud-based, but it can run locally on the Jellyfish itself instead of using the cloud with our new Jellyfish integration.

“We’re all excited about all of these new features,” said Josh Minney, COO, OWC. “We hope you enjoy the improved experience. There are many improvements in the new Jellyfish Manager 2.0 that users won’t notice, but which will allow us to create more integrations with our third-party software and applications.

Strengths of Jellyfish Manager 2.0:

  • Check your vital signs: Check your vital data: Immediately monitor memory, temperature, storage and CPU usage and quickly check the health of your drives
  • Manage file permissions: Decide who has access to specific shares and folders with just a few clicks. Easily create and add local users and groups for your team and assign them permissions in less time than it takes to upload a chat video to Youtube
  • Customize network settings: Jellyfish systems come fully preconfigured for 4k + video and direct connections, but if you want to create and change network settings or bind ports to your switch, we promise you won’t have to read a manual first. 50 pages
  • Activate powerful workflows: such as Jellyfish remote access, snapshots, the Davinci Resolve collaborative database or iconik storage gateways

Pricing and availability

Jellyfish Manager 2.0 will be available to all new customers and customers who have an active support plan.

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