NoPixel creator has a big challenge in streamer-filled GTA server

Koil is more than an ordinary Twitch streamer. He founded the popular GTA PR The NoPixel server, home to the biggest names in the scene, including Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, Felix “xQc” Lengyel and Sykkuno.

But while the influx of Twitch and YouTube stars has caused huge growth for the server and the streamers who have played it, it has also created its biggest challenge yet: keeping everyone happy.

“The biggest challenge has been keeping it popular and keeping everyone happy to play,” he told Kotaku on August 18. “It’s hard to keep everyone happy.”

Image via Rockstar Games

Koil said the first problem is that the same core group of streamers have been active on the server for years, and not everyone gets along. So there’s a lot of underlying tension and history between them.

Look no further than xQc’s countless run-ins with the police. xQc one said the server was in “a mess” because of them and even accused them of logging in en masse to ruin his agenda.

The second problem is that streamers get bored of doing the same things, so they take action for the content. But that means he has to make decisions like banning them to keep the peace.

GTA V RP NoPixel
Image via Rockstar Games

And that leads to the third and final problem – he thinks NoPixel viewers often feel a sense of loyalty to certain streamers, which can sometimes lead to toxic tribalism between their fanbases.

“Some viewers get very tribal about which streamer or group they support and what’s right or wrong,” he said. “Honestly, it’s unhealthy for them and sometimes for the streamer. There’s a lot of us against their mentality.

He learned to ignore it. However, this still creates a lot of pressure when making executive decisions as the creator of the server, especially when combined with the other issues.

GTA V RP NoPixel
Image via Rockstar Games

Ultimately, however, he said having stars on the server was a positive overall, as it put the server he had worked so hard to create in the spotlight and helped smaller streamers like him to prosper.

As for what he has planned next, Koil said that there will soon be another massive Squid Game event on the server. He is also working on a Red Dead Redemption 2 waiter.

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