NETSCOUT: Accelerates the move of VMware-based workloads to Azure with confidence

Ron Lifton

February 2, 2022

Written by Ron Lifton, Director, Solutions Marketing, NETSCOUT and Juan Manuel Rey, Senior Program Manager, AVS Product Group, Microsoft

Cloud infrastructures are fundamental elements for success in a digital world. However, to be successful, any organization must be able to accomplish digital transformation in a way that ensures a high-quality user experience before, during, and after cloud migration, while minimizing risk. Business continuity, service quality and security cannot be compromised. Indeed, IDC recently said during a FutureScape webinar that the emerging digital infrastructure ecosystem, increasingly built on a cloud foundation, is focused on delivering ever-faster innovative software and consistent operations, ubiquitous and scalable in cloud, on-premises data center and edge environments. While these digital infrastructures enable flexible resources, they also magnify the blind spots of service delivery in an ever-changing threat environment. NETSCOUT and Microsoft support digital strategies to remove these barriers and accelerate the migration of workloads to the cloud.

To help customers on this journey, Microsoft offers Azure VMware Solution, which is a first-party Azure service and VMware-validated solution that allows customers to seamlessly integrate their on-premises VMware environments with Azure and leverage all existing investments in VMware skills and tools. . Azure VMware Solution enables customers to easily provision a private cloud in dedicated bare metal servers with VMWare vCenter Server, vSAN, vSphere and NSX-T as core pillars.

The VMware NSX data center is key here, as it enables enterprises to automate application and network deployment consistently and securely across virtualized infrastructure. NSX offers simplified management, micro-segmentation security, provisioning agility, and improved data center economics. This advanced environment with full lifecycle automation delivers on the promise of successful data center transformation with accelerated service speed, enhanced security, and rapid disaster recovery.

Resolving fragmented visibility

Hybrid cloud, multicloud and VMware NSX network virtualization platforms have become an integral part of how organizations operate. But behind this digital transformation lies the reality that successfully migrating applications from a traditional on-premises environment to the cloud requires visibility into application dependencies and end-user experience across different domains. In other words, visibility without borders. Unfortunately, most companies rely on an array of application and network performance monitoring tools that use fragmented, low-resolution data. This, in turn, obscures visibility of the end-to-end infrastructure, making it difficult for IT organizations to accurately identify the root cause of a performance issue. In fact, according to Survey Monkey’s TechValidate, 95% of IT organizations surveyed say a high volume of disparate data from siled tools makes it difficult to manage application performance and security issues in increasingly complex infrastructures. . This means technology teams need to “see it all” so the business doesn’t “risk it all”. Simply put, they need a service assurance solution that provides end-to-end visibility that can scale across VMware ESX, NSX, and SD-WAN deployments, including Azure VMware Solution environments.

NETSCOUT for Azure VMware Solution

To ensure the development and growth of their business on Azure, companies must apply an innovative strategy for monitoring and troubleshooting application performance. To do this, organizations need an end-to-end visibility and analytics platform that provides continuous, unified, and reliable data to identify potential risks and the performance status of applications and workloads, whether they reside on physical servers, software, or public applications. -cloud instances.

NETSCOUT meets this critical need. NETSCOUT has partnered with VMware to provide the most comprehensive packet data visibility solution to gain visibility across your Azure environment and on-premises. To optimize application performance and ensure a pleasant user experience, it is essential to understand the interdependencies of services and the interactions with the broader IT infrastructure. NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE Service Assurance Platform delivers rich NETSCOUT Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology in Azure VMware Solution, as well as on-premise VMware environments and hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Rather than looking at individual elements in isolation, the intelligent data provided by NETSCOUT vSTREAM virtual appliances is consumed by the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform to enable consistent views of service performance and smarter analytics. There is no need to piece together low-resolution data from different tools and make sense of it. Because every action and transaction in the hybrid cloud is based on packet data, NETSCOUT uses packet data as the single source of truth, and IT teams accelerate time to value when transformed into intelligent data.

NetOps, SecOps, ITOps and other IT teams who are collectively responsible for everything in Azure VMware Solution can collaborate through a comprehensive holistic view of application performance characteristics and user experience. NETSCOUT solutions allow you to migrate workloads to Azure with confidence, providing a foundation for common situational awareness by monitoring a variety of availability, reliability, responsiveness and threat metrics, making them easily accessible in real-time to the right team members with custom views relevant to their role.

As an Advanced VMware Technology Alliance Certified Partner, NETSCOUT has extended its service assurance platform to the NSX environment and provides actionable visibility so you can take full advantage of the Azure VMware solution. NETSCOUT’s solution enables IT teams to more effectively manage health, availability, security and user experience issues in their NSX data centers.

How it works: vSTREAM in action with nGeniusONE

To maintain application performance, it is essential to be able to understand the service interdependencies between Azure VMware Solution and on-premises NSX data centers. vSTREAM virtual appliances generate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are consumed and displayed in nGeniusONE. All NETSCOUT ASI-based monitoring platforms are integrated with nGeniusONE to provide a common set of metadata analytics.

vSTREAM in combination with the nGeniusONE platform:

  • Reports critical KPIs for user experience, application performance, and application and network errors

  • Provides a service dependency mapping that exposes connectivity between applications, servers, and users

  • Provides application performance service dashboard rollups

  • Continues to report application behavior regardless of VM/container location or movement

  • Provides continuous monitoring and trending of data in customizable reports for use by IT staff and business stakeholders

  • Provides access to protocol-specific metadata and detailed views of session transactions

Learn more about NETSCOUT solutions for Azure by visiting our partner page.

Learn more about Azure VMware Solution by visiting Microsoft.

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