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We go to the Lobster Shop for seafood and when we can afford it, lobster.

You don’t visit the Lobster Shop on Ruston Way along the Commencement Bay waterfront for grilled cheese sandwiches. We go to the Lobster Shop for seafood and when we can afford it, lobster. It had been almost a year since we had dined on the kitchen at the Lobster Shop. In November 2020, we enjoyed their food twice before they closed for COVID-19. The return was a celebration.

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We booked for 4:45 in the afternoon. We chose a table at the near end of the restaurant in downtown Tacoma and on the port side. Once seated we were delighted to be greeted by our favorite waiter, Diane. She knows I love cherries and knows what we love to eat. She is friendly and helpful.

The pear salad with pecans is our favorite salad to start our meal. The dressing is sweet and tangy. Peg orders the salad and I order the lobster bisque. We share. The bisque with a shot of sherry is so rich. Peg and I share these beautiful entries.

There is never an emergency. We enjoy the food and the view. Peg enjoys bird watching and this time he pointed out a heron gliding across the water with its wings just above the gentle waves. We also watched the frolics of Canada Geese in the grass of the nearby park. Our advice: do not walk where the geese have gone.

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Peg chose a nice cut of salmon for his main course. I did that too, but it was for his breakfast the next morning.

From our house we have a view of the Vashon and Maury Islands and the waterway north of Brown’s Point to almost Burien. We look down on grain and container ships as well as sailboats and pleasure boats. At the Lobster Shop we were able to enjoy the sight of a tug and barge at eye level.

Why order a lobster tail, when two are available? My main course order gave me a five-ounce lobster tail, shrimp, and a serious serving of salmon with mashed potatoes, broccolini, lemon wedges, melted butter, and cream. In honor of my wife’s birthday, I also ordered a ten ounce lobster tail. I shared the shrimp, salmon and some of the lobster with Peg. We didn’t have a deadline and were in no rush. It was just a good dinner. I haven’t eaten so much lobster since my weeklong trip to Cape Cod a few years ago.

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As a birthday girl, Peg received a free vanilla ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce. There was a curled candle that gave off tiny sparks. I ate the ice cream sundae. Peg ordered an apple pie topped with ice cream and candied pecans. YUM!

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