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Technology giant IBM’s latest power server offering, the IBM Power E1080, is considered the “most secure server platform” that also provides customers with transparent hybrid cloud services.

When operating an IBM Power10-based server, such as the E1080, with the cloud-based IBM Power virtual server in a hybrid cloud format, architectural consistency between resources means that critical applications often tailor-made that tend to reside on-premises can be moved to the cloud based on workloads and needs.

The IBM Power E1080 also has the ability to scale instantly with Power Private Cloud for Dynamic Capacity, allowing users to scale up and down unused CPU capacity as needed and pay extra only for additional resources they need. ‘they used.

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Further improving the cloud-like economy for local hardware, the IBM Power E1080 is the first on-premises system planned to support per-minute counting for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift, expanding the capabilities already available on IBM Power Virtual Server. Together, this is designed for even greater customer control over when, how and where their applications are deployed.

The IBM Power E1080 server is built around the IBM Power10 processor. Designed by IBM and manufactured by Samsung using 7nm EUV processing technology, IBM Power10 is IBM’s first commercially available 7nm processor.


IBM Power10 also offers new enhancements to secure consolidated workloads. The Power10 processor has the ability to scale with transparent memory encryption, designed to simplify and support end-to-end security without affecting performance. Compared to IBM Power9, accelerated encryption performance is enabled by IBM Power10 having 4 times more encryption engines per core, and results in 2.5 times faster performance per core for AES encryption compared to generation previous IBM Power servers.

IBM offers security control solutions at all levels of the system stack, from basic hardware such as processor and memory to key software such as the operating system, hypervisor and applications. The E1080 uses IBM PowerVM as an integrated hypervisor, which has significantly fewer vulnerabilities and common exposures (CVEs) than competing hypervisors listed by the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. United.

Finally, the IBM Power E1080 server and Power10 processor bring new enterprise AI capabilities to where the data resides on the server. IBM Power10’s four Matrix Math Accelerator (MMA) engines per core can improve AI inference up to 5 times over IBM Power E980 server. While the new and increased MMAs offer a hardware-driven improvement, the IBM Power E1080 also supports your own model input capabilities with IBM Auto-AI and “no-code” tools.


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