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UPDATE: It seems that the rumors of a Pyramid POI in Fortnite are true.

According to the Fortnite Hypex leaker, the Cube Queen’s banner will take the shape of a pyramid. Epic is about to launch a challenge in which players are tasked with visiting the pyramid.

It looks like the pyramid is in a brand new location in the desert, which is expected to be added soon.

“There is an upcoming NPC that should appear in ‘Desert’ but we don’t have a desert yet,” Hypex adds.

ORIGINAL: Fortnite Developer Epic Games has confirmed plans to release a brand new update on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series S and Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC and Android.

The Fortnite update 18.30 has a release date of October 26th and a launch time of 9am BST UK. It will be launched alongside a maintenance period.

Depending on the server downtime schedule, services will start going offline around 8:30 a.m. Downtime is expected to end around 11am BST.

The news was announced by Epic Games on Twitter: “Do you fight with strength… or with groove? reads an epic tweet. “The v18.30 update is slated for October 26th. Downtime will begin around 4:00 am ET (8:00 am UTC), with matchmaking turned off approximately 30 minutes prior.”

As you can see from Epic’s tweet, fans will be able to vote for another unvault. This week’s competition pits the combat shotgun against the boogie bomb.

There are also rumors that the cubic city may finally turn into the rumor of the pyramid discovered last season.

“The cube city MAY slowly transform into a pyramid (the pyramid I talked about last season), because there is a chain in the queen of the cube effects that designates it as the ‘tip of the pyramid’, and she will also hold her pickaxe after 6.30pm with lightning effects around her! ” reads a Hypex tweet.

Fans can also expect a plethora of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.

You can see the full list of patch notes for the 18.30 update below.

Fortnite update 18.30 patch notes …

Battle Royale fixes:

• Weapons can sometimes disappear from chests and supplies.

– Weapons can sometimes disappear from chests and supplies after opening them in competitive playlists. The weapon will first appear floating and then disappear.

• Using the “Smash Attack” ability with the Side Scythe can result in fall damage.

– We are aware of an issue that causes players to take fall damage if they use the “Smash Attack” ability on the Side Scythe from a high point of view, from the edge of a large structure, or from a side scythe. hill.

• The red dot indicator no longer displays on the compass when enemies shoot.

– The red dot indicator that appears when enemies shoot with nearby weapons no longer appears on the compass.

• Error message when trying to equip certain color combinations with Tricksy.

– When trying to equip certain color combinations of the Tricksy Outfit, players may receive an error message.

• Wolverine’s built-in emoticon does not work properly

– When using Wolverine’s built-in SNIKT emote, the claws do not replace the pickaxe as intended.

Creative corrections:

• Multiple selection and movement of the building to the supporting pieces will result in constant misalignment

– We are aware of an issue that causes designer buildings to misalign when selecting multiple parts.

• Trees do not appear on the island map.

– We are investigating an issue where trees placed in the island environment do not appear on the island map.

Fixes for Save the World:

• Campfires above level 130 are marked as 130

– Campfires above 130 are displayed as 130. This is a UI bug, and campfires 130 or above will still function normally.

• The benefit of building healing does not restore the proper amount

– The benefit attached to building healing heals for 0.71% of a structure’s health instead of its intended 4.8%.

• Cannot exchange Hero Loadouts in the lobby while using a controller.

– Players may not be able to trade loadouts in the lobby while using a controller on all platforms.

• 4x missions do not display 4x rewards

– 4x missions do not display 4x rewards in the UI. This is a visual issue, and players should still be getting the appropriate rewards.

• Players can become invisible to other players after respawning

– Players may appear invisible after being knocked out while an ability is activated.

• Players can get stuck inside the vault door in the lab dungeon

– Players can get stuck inside the vault door in the Lab Dungeon and are unable to escape

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