Does North Carolina Hold Money For You? Check the state’s website to find out. | Local News

Businesses, as much as they want, can’t just keep all of this dough, so by law it becomes’ escheated ‘, a financial / legal term in English common law that loosely translated means’ Not so fast, Diamond Jim ”.

The money is turned over to the state treasurer for safekeeping. By the way, the interest on these millions is spent on public education.

According to the Treasurer’s Office – remember these are numbers – there are over 619,000 properties (unclaimed accounts, refunds, etc.) totaling $ 50.2 million owed to residents of Forsyth County.

In Guilford County, there are over 866,000 properties worth $ 69 million owned by the state.

It’s not a stupid change.

Thousands of complaints

Despite solid advice from a top government official wearing swimsuits, it took a minute to verify.

(Having a Type A spouse who listens to NerdWallet Smart Money podcasts for fun also helped. She had already checked out everyone we know.)

So as indicated I called October 11. Three accounts – two initially appeared to be only “over $ 50” – emerged. A claim that took less than 2 minutes was filed, and a week later a check for $ 987.65 – the lion’s share of a neglected health savings account – arrived in the mail.

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