Did the Dakota, Texas Steakhouse Defend an LGBTQ Server?

On December 6, 2021, a new post was created in the r / insanepeoplefacebook subreddit on Reddit which said, “Debbie refuses to be served by trans waiters; husband even comes off at the thought! The restaurant doesn’t care. A screenshot of Facebook was included with the new thread. We traced the center of this story to a woman named Debbie and her complaint about a waiter in Dakota Steakhouse in Hereford, Texas.

In the post, a Facebook user named Debbie wrote, “I won’t be coming back if the boys look like women with painted fingernails and are of service to people. Seriously.”

The post received tens of thousands of upvotes with a 98% upvote percentage, making it one of the most popular threads on Reddit for the entire day.

This was followed by a comment that read, “Welcome to America.”

Josh Murray, owner and operator of Dakota’s Steakhouse in Hereford, later responded to Debbie, “At Dakota’s Steakhouse, we stand behind our staff 100%. Regardless of their religion, race, criminal background or sexuality; I do not judge. I chose to offer a job opportunity to everyone. If this offends you, please stay home. After all, if you could cook Debbie, then maybe Scott wouldn’t be looking at his server all night.

An official at Dakota’s Steakhouse told us over the phone that the post and reply were both real and that it all happened several months before the creation of the December 2021 Reddit post.

It has also been confirmed that the server Dakota’s Steakhouse mentioned by Debbie was also part of the LGBTQ community. However, the employee did not identify as transgender, according to the official, contrary to the Reddit poster’s claim that the server was “trans”. For reasons of confidentiality, we have not received any further information on the employee.

Post from Facebook user named Debbie led to a wave of support for the location of Dakota’s Steakhouse.

Lorelei posted: “I love the support they give to their staff. Kasey remarked, “We will be getting here soon!” Thank you for FULLY supporting your staff! Penny also said, “Planning a trip, just so I can come and support your business and your staff! Dakota’s is a wonderful example of solidarity with ALL of its employees! “

In researching the facts behind this true steakhouse story, we discovered that the town of Hereford was precisely double the “beef capital of the world”. According to the US Census Bureau, its population in 2010 was just over 15,000 inhabitants.

A Facebook user named Debbie allegedly refused to be served by transgender waiters at Dakota's Steakhouse in Hereford, Texas, according to a Reddit post.
Courtesy of: Scott Griessel / Flickr

In summary, it’s true that Dakota’s Steakhouse in Hereford, TX defended a waiter at the restaurant who was part of the LGBTQ community after a woman named Debbie posted a negative post.

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