Delayed Free Server Transfers from the New World will not allow players to change regions

Transfers of free New World servers have been delayed, with developer Amazon Games citing the discovery of “some extreme cases where the transfer experience does not meet our standards for its release” as the cause of the delay. However, when server transfers come in, they don’t allow region switching, causing headaches for more than a few players.

The launch of New World saw most servers suffer from long queues, with players waiting hours to connect. To address the issue, Amazon encouraged players to create characters on newly created, sparsely populated servers, with the promise of free server transfers down the line. would allow players to find a more permanent home once game servers and wait times stabilize.

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No new date for server transfers has been proposed following the delay, but community manager Trevor Smith has crashed exactly how the transfers would work.

To transfer servers, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Connect to the desired character
  • Go to the in-game store, where a free server transfer token can be claimed
  • You will have to quit your business
  • You will need to cancel any order to buy or sell existing trading positions
  • You will need to be in a colony or outpost.

Players will keep everything they’ve earned so far on the transfer. This means that all items in a player’s inventory, faction reputation, currencies, houses, character progress, and quest progress will all be retained.

But there are a few exceptions when it comes to New World servers eligible to receive transfers. Characters cannot be transferred to a server where a player already has an existing character, for example, and characters cannot be transferred to a full server, of which there are many.

The main sticking point for many players is that characters from one server region apparently cannot be transferred to a server in another region. This clarification follows an earlier tweet from the official New World Twitter account which indicated that players may, in fact, be transferred between regions.

This no longer appears to be the case, Amazon saying in an official statement. Server transfer faq on the game forums that the “original information provided” on the subject was “incorrect”. Players will not be able to transfer between regions, such as taking a character from a US East server to a US West server, for example. This is a big deal for European players in particular, many of whom have created characters on North American servers as a result of long queues on European servers, with the intention of moving them to European servers. at a later date.

Amazon has since clarified that characters from different regions are stored in different databases and that while the team initially believed data transfer between regions would be possible, it was not.

Many players on the in-game forums now feel like they’ve lost all of their progress, having played for dozens of hours on a server in a different region thinking they might transfer later. Some are calling for some sort of double XP boost once server transfers go live or other wasted time fixes for those who create new characters, but it’s currently unclear what Amazon Games is. will do to settle the situation with the players.

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