CVSA Updates Emergency Declarations Website

An update to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s emergency reporting website would have expanded offerings as well as an improved user experience, according to a CVSA press release.

CVSA worked with the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration and the American Association State Highway and Transportation Officials to relaunch the website.

Website updates include:

  • Information about changes to legal weights through a standard set of relevant information, including contact information for each state’s overweight licensing office.
  • Interactive map of declarations in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • The possibility of subscribing to notices of new declarations.
  • Information about the issuer of the exemption, the type of exemption granted and the start and end dates of the declaration of emergency.
  • Full details of exemptions including all relevant information for vehicle permits for height, motorway overweight restrictions, waivers for national road overweight restrictions and marking and lighting relief .
  • Contact details for jurisdiction issue.

The Emergency Declarations website previously focused on Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations emergency relief provided to motor carriers through the States or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

By expanding the website’s offerings, the goal is to eliminate confusion with an easily accessible and up-to-date public online repository that can be referenced at any time, the statement said.

“Providing the necessary regulatory relief during emergencies is critical to preventing loss of life and preserving critical transportation infrastructure,” CVSA executive director Collin Mooney said in the press release. “CVSA’s Emergency Declarations website is a trusted online source of emergency information, which helps improve the movement of essential relief supplies during national, regional and local emergencies.”

Information session

CVSA will be offering a webinar at 1 p.m. EST on June 24 on the enhanced Emergency Declarations website and its new features. You can register for the virtual webinar here.

Chris Turner, Director of Enforcement Data and Forensic Outreach at CVSA, is scheduled to speak at the webinar. LL

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