Best LFG Valorant Discord Servers

VALORANTS is one of the most popular FPS titles, where players are divided into two teams, each consisting of five members. While many players play alone to improve their skills, others have to play solo because they don’t have teammates. In a team shooter like VALORATING, teammates are essential for better coordination and communication. Ranking up alone can be a daunting task, and reaching higher ranks is easier when you team up with other players. The game has different characters with unique abilities, which can be used effectively by communicating with your teammates.

While you may be unwilling to use voice chat at any time, it’s ideal to use the game’s ping system or type in team chat to give information. It is essential to coordinate with your teammates before flashing, smoking, or using agent abilities. This way you can strategize properly before entering a site or preventing opponents from rushing your team. So if you’re looking to party with other players but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best VALORANTS Discord servers to join.

Here are the best VALORANTS LFG Discord servers to find teammates.

Better VALORANTS LFG Discord Servers

Official VALORANTS Discord

The official VALORANTS Discord has over 970,000 members worldwide, and you’ll find teammates from all time zones here. We recommend players read the rules and check their profiles to open all channels. You will find channels such as LFG, gaming news, esports news, general information and more. Interact on these channels to make friends and team up to play a few matches. You can also use voice channels to maintain an open line of communication with your teammates.


VALORANTS LFG is another official Discord channel created by the developers to help gamers. Similar to the main Discord, you will find players from all time zones on this server. Check yourself after reading the rules and interact with people in text channels. Link your VALORANTS account and enable direct messages. You can also use various commands to update your rank and region and view player stats.


VALORANTS ASCENT is a community-run Discord server with over 75,000 members. Complete the verification process after reading the rules and regulations to access all channels. You will see LFG channels for all regions where players can find teammates. Interact in the global chat to find players of the same rank, add them to the game and start playing. This Discord server also has competitive channels and hosts scrims. You can participate in it regularly with your teammates.

Regional VALORANTS waiters

Some of the regions VALORANTS Servers are run by community members and are the best places to find teammates from your time zone. You will need to authenticate to access the channels. Once done, select the appropriate roles and start interacting to find teammates. The most popular regional servers include VALORANTS and VALORANTS EU.


VALORANTS PRO is a popular community-run Discord server with over 35,000 members. Read the rules carefully and verify yourself to access other channels. Check the LF-party channel and interact with players to find teammates of the same rank. There are specific regional channels where you can easily find teammates for unranked and competitive matches. This server also hosts scrims where players can test their skills and improve by playing with others.

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