ArcheAge Fresh Start server arrives September 15, with double and triple bonuses and additional rewards

ArcheAge will get a fresh new start server from September 15, allowing interested players to start their adventures with a clean slate on an equal footing. The Kakao Games team has released details on the bonus schedules and more details on how it will all work.

This is a new starting server, so the opportunity is there for players to start from an even spot and not feel like they have fallen behind in progress or having too many obstacles to be competitive. Due to the nature of the server, there will be no content gates, and this is intended to provide faster progression with double XP, loot, honor points, and vocation points. On weekends, these bonuses will turn into triple bonuses.

There will be special level up rewards just for playing on this server to help you out, such as crystals, armor and Manastorm weapons, and to make it easier for you to get additional items later. There will be special rewards when moving from the Fresh Start server to an eventual move to live servers, but they will give more information about that later. Additional rewards also apply to EHM/WHM quests so you can lock in additional goodies when you complete them each week.

You will be able to get a labor bonus from the market per day. An NPC will be added selling items for Honor Points, including a Server Transfer Ticket which will allow you to transfer your Fresh Start character to existing servers, and the Kyrios or Manastorm Crystal Badge which will allow you to purchase items in the stores concerned.

The new Fresh Start servers, one for the EU and one for North America, will open on September 15, with Landrush scheduled for October 1. Transfers will open on October 27, the first “graduation” of characters who have been upgraded, geared up, and ready to transition to current servers. Transfers will end in early December, and the Fresh Start server will reopen again on December 15.

Head to ArcheAge for all the details.

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