Apple website encounters errors and briefly reinstates Phil Schiller as senior vice president of marketing [Updated]

Apple’s newsroom and executive pages are currently experiencing some errors, resulting in puzzling changes that briefly restructured Apple’s management.

To our knowledge, Apple’s management and editorial pages have been producing errors for the last couple of hours or so, and it looks like Apple is making some server-side changes. In a quirk of these changes, Apple mistakenly listed Phil Schiller as Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, a role he left in August of last year to become Apple Fellow. Moments later, Apple removed Schiller’s bio and the entire leadership page.

phill schiller error

Apple website accidentally reinstated Phil Schiler as senior vice president of marketing

Apple’s press room is where the company posts press releases, updates, and more, while the management page lists all of Apple’s executives. No other page on Apple’s website currently appears to be affected, and it’s unclear whether this is just an error or something more to come. We will update this post when there are changes.

Update: Moments after this article was published, Apple’s newsroom and management pages returned to their normal state, correctly listing Greg Joswiak as Senior Vice President of Marketing and “Phil Schiller” as a member. Apple.

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